Since 2005 Secure Aspects Group has maintained massive industry related forums and social media platforms for our users. Our job board was an industry leader with industry specific jobs. As our niche industry grew and there were more and more employment resources available mitigating the need for our job board.

Hundreds of job boards are available such as ZipRecruiter, Indeed or making the need for ours and similar industry specific jobs boards not necessary. DON’T PAY FOR JOBS!
It has gotten to the point to where the emails, blogs and news feed all seem to be providing the same information.

At Secure Aspects Group we have decided to move forward and maintain a landing page and various email distribution lists moving away from social media platforms and extensive websites.

The following lists and their descriptions will be used to forward immediate fill Defense Contracting and Security Jobs.

Very little, besides signing up will be required from you to utilize this service. Please select from one of the following lists that best suits your job interest. As jobs develop they will be sent out to the appropriate list for distribution. That will be the only time you will hear from us. Feel free to share this information with people you think would be interested.

Your emails will NOT be SOLD or Given Away.
You will not be Spammed!
You can unsubscribe and manage your own account at will.
You can sign up for multiple lists.

The following list is for USA Defense and Security Jobs Located in the United States. This list will also be used for disaster jobs in US Territories.

The following list is for US Expat positions, essentially deployable positions for US Citizens.

The following list is for NON American Expat positions, essentially deployable positions for NON US Citizens. We do occasionally receive requests for non cleared immediate fill positions, so even if you are not an American Citizen this could be a good list to be on for you.

Its been a pleasure serving everyone since 2005 and we will continue to distribute noteworthy jobs that come across our desks.

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