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The Secure Aspects Group was established in 2005 to provide networking and Security industry resources for an ever growing specialty group of Job Seekers and Employers. SAG brings together qualified employees with employers in the Private Defense Contracting, Security and the Outsourcing Industry. We have established an extensive network for Expatriate Contractors, Military and Police specific trained individuals. We assist individuals from the United States and Coalition partners with former Military, Police or sought after technical skills to find gainful employment in the on-going war on terrorism. We also continue to promote security industry networking and are making daily contacts to provide both Employers and Job Seekers with long term resources in job specific employment and placement within the fastest growing industry in the world.


We also provide limitless networking resources in the contract industry in the form of a 100% free contractor forum at https://secureaspects.com/smfbbs/. To date we have over 30,000 professionals that we can contact for immediate staffing. At SAG we pride ourselves on being the first to bring you the latest information, staffing needs and issues concerning the contract staffing Industry.


Secure Aspects Group is a Premier provider of staffing services ranging from IT to Global Security Courier Services. For further information on the services we provide, see our services page or contact us at info@secureaspects.com

At SAG we stand behind our men and women in the service of this great country and coalition military members that are supporting the Global War on Terror. We thank you for your service. SAG is a veteran owned and managed company.


Frank Sellers

CEO / Owner
Secure Aspects Group

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26 years security experience and  Contract Staffing  knowledge


Competent, Professional, Discreet,

Efficient and

friendly staff


You will be able to choose from a larger range of solutions for your Government Contract Staffing Needs


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