The Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, Directorate of Project Development, Coordination and Support, Office of Design and Engineering (OBO/PDCS/DE), requires two Associate Architects to complete the task requirements stated below.

The Program Development, Coordination, and Support Directorate is responsible for the design, coordination, and management of OBO’s construction and renovation programs.

The Office of Design and Engineering (PDCS/DE) provides expertise in architecture; landscape architecture; space programming; space planning; interior design; graphic design; sustainability; civil structure, seismic, blast, geotechnical, electrical, and mechanical

engineering; telecommunications; and security. DE directs design coordination of OBO’s building program, managing designs from planning through construction. DE monitors the performance of the architecture-engineering contractors hired to execute OBO’s projects. The office serves as the building code official, confirms the technical adequacy of construction documents, and issues building permits.

The Associate Structural Engineer will work in the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, Program Development, Coordination and Support Directorate, Office of Design and Engineering, Civil Structural Engineering Division (OBO/PDCS/DE/CSE). They will be responsible for providing a variety of architectural assistance during the design phase of OBO projects.


The Contracting Officer’s Representative provides overall direction in initially assigning projects. The contractor has responsibility for planning and independently carrying out the work. Results of work are considered technically authoritative and are normally accepted without significant changes. If work is reviewed, the review concerns fulfillment of project objectives. Recommendations are usually evaluated only in terms of broad agency goals and availability of funds and other resources.


As an Associate Structural Engineer, the incumbent provides professional engineering advice and assistance for design activities associated with OBO’s overseas facilities construction and maintenance projects. In furtherance of these responsibilities, the incumbent performs tasks and assignments that include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Provides structural engineering advice and assistance to senior architects and engineers during the design phase of OBO projects;
  • Researches DOS-established codes, design criteria, and other standards to answer design questions and issues from contract engineers, architects, and other technical disciplines, requiring understanding of the world-wide variety of conditions, skill levels, utilities, and other problems which are found in the course of OBO design and construction activities;
  • Forensic Analysis – Research and analyze potential causes of design and construction issues and proposed resolutions;
  • Provides professional advice and technical assistance to OBO staff, post staff, procurement officials, and employees of other agencies related to buildings under construction, owned, leased, or undergoing renovation by the Department, including new design work, redesign work, design reviews, code determinations, and problem solving suggestions;
  • Travels to project sites worldwide performing inspections of the work accomplished; provides general structural engineering advice and assistance to the project supervisor and contractor regarding installation of materials/equipment: reviews requests for change orders or requests for information relating to engineering aspects of projects; and renders to posts assistance on engineering problems such as proposals for redesign work and malfunctioning equipment;
  • Remains current on the latest professional trends, techniques, and practices in design and architecture by reviewing a variety of data regarding manufacturing products, consulting with sales engineering, and continuing education to assist in making sure that the most efficient and economical designs, equipment, and supplies are used in OBO facilities.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.
  • Experience in the established concepts, principles, and methods engineering applicable to varied and complex design problems, projects, or studies, sufficient to enable the incumbent to perform recurring assignments of moderate difficulty {i.e., where methods and techniques are well established, apply to most situations encountered, and do not require significant deviation from established methods) or to perform discrete portions of more complex problems.
  • Familiarity with related engineering principles sufficient to assist higher graded professionals in ensuring that areas of overlapping responsibility between technical disciplines receive proper design consideration, and ability to apply knowledge to the planning, design, and construction of a variety of new and existing overseas diplomatic facilities.
  • Ability to apply knowledge to assist higher-graded architects and engineers in the planning, design, construction, and program coordination of a variety of new and existing overseas facilities of varying types.
  • Ability to perform analytical work of moderate engineering difficulty on a variety of new and existing overseas facilities types.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing on highly complex, controversial and time-sensitive matters to diverse audiences.
  • Experience and capabilities in the use of AutoCAD, Revit, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), and Microsoft Project.