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This position is responsible for the entire Loss Prevention structure; has responsibility for the execution and evaluation of all loss prevention corporate policies and procedures; uses various types of equipment and techniques; develops, distributes, and provides training for CURACAO Loss Prevention management on new loss prevention techniques; prepares detailed reports, statistics on theft areas throughout company to better understand and find solutions.


Working Conditions: The Loss Prevention Corporate Supervisor oversees/supervises/enforces/implements all loss prevention store activities, including but not limited to shoplifting, pilferage, internal and external fraud cases, stolen property, other property and personal offenses that are detrimental to CURACAO’sinterests, such as work place violence and harassment activity of any kind. Approximately 50% of the incumbent’s time is/will be spent reviewing all loss prevention departments and training loss prevention management; training new associates and management on loss prevention policies and procedures. The remaining time is spent insuring that all loss prevention departments are performing to Corporate Loss Prevention standards; developing corporate rapport and instilling confidence in the Loss Prevention organization in order to develop trust, and heighten overall Loss Prevention readiness through the entire company.

The Loss Prevention Corporate Supervisor works out of CURACAO Corporate offices. Working schedule will be promulgated by the Loss Prevention Manager and will normally consist of a 40 hour work week though it can/will entail off shift and weekend assignments. As a condition of employment, the Loss Prevention Corporate Supervisor must accept scheduled after-hours duty as required by company needs, emergency situations and/or seasonality.

Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor often performs his/her duties by extensive kneeling, stooping, reaching and climbing. The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor will handle objects of varying weight and shape and must, therefore, be in good physical condition. The incumbent is also required to be bilingual and may use such skills in the daily performance of his or her loss prevention responsibilities in a customer/associate and/or court witness capacity. Also, the loss prevention responsibilities may include occasional physical labor and endurance and be hazardous with regard to the physical and mental well being of the incumbent.

Job Requirements:

Functions: The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor is expected to respond to calls from all company management, or staff as quickly as good judgment and safety allows. All issued equipment provided to the Loss Prevention departments must be maintained in a ready-to-use condition at all times.

The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor will oversee and ensure that all loss prevention department problems are solved at any hour of the day or night, he/she will systematically review all company reports and identify any problems he/she will then find solutions. The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor must be able to accurately articulate verbally and in writing any vulnerable areas that theft might occur through out the company.

The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor will also ensure that all evidence, reports, sketches, and photographs etc. meets all federal and state guidelines. The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor must Maintain an in-depth knowledge of federal and state statutes, court cases related to work performed and agency rules and regulations – ensures all company loss prevention activities are within all federal, state and local statutes.

Latitude: Within the policies/procedures established for the Loss Prevention organization, the Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor has to investigate any employee of CURACAO and determine the extent and nature of the policy violation and give corrective action. The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor will also set up undercover observation for worker comp frauds to determine any state law violations.

Major Challenge/Major Areas of Focus: The greatest challenge of this position is to apply due diligence in training and implementing new policies and procedures to curtail theft. The Corporate Loss Prevention Supervisor, as a minimum, address the following areas: Ensure that entire Loss Prevention departments are familiar with inventory results in order to heighten loss awareness and commence proactive investigation to get to root cause of losses whether they are human or system concerns and steps to deter them.

1.Continue training all Loss Prevention departments to fallow guidelines on physical and arrest powers.

2.Must make sure all loss prevention departments are identifying and investigating internal theft, fraud or other serious policy violations by auditing and maintaining vigilance and through tip lines within corporate guidelines.

3.Ensure on a corporate level the proper use of company technologies e-mail, computers, phones etc.

4.Will review and enforce new company guidelines on overs/shorts.

5.Will review on a corporate level all fraudulent claims concerning credit cards, checks and identity fraud.

6.Will ensure that all loss prevention departments have guideline to effectively use inventory results to prevent future losses.

7.Will investigate all inventory losses to determine if human error or system error where the cause..

8. Will ensure all personnel is being used to its maximum potential through out the company.

9.Will assist management on investigation.

10.Will work with Atlantic Mutual to investigate all customer injuries to prevent law suit against CURACAO.

11.Will assist management to ensure all investigators have and are meeting loss prevention corporate standers.

12.Will assist management to ensure all purchase are within budget.

13.Will assist in planning any major events that CURACAO sponsors.

14.Will assist in planning proper security coverage for events (i.e. bodyguard, out source security, police officers etc.)

15.Will assist management with asset protection.

16.Will assist management with the over all security of 6th ,7th,8th,4th floor.

17.Will assist in the setup of covert cameras on high theft areas (i.e. stock rooms, warehouse etc)

18.Will assist management in attending meeting with law enforcement to ensure knowledge of all crime affecting all CURACAO stores and warehouse.

19.Will assist in and conduct weekly meeting with new associates concerning all loss prevention issues with the cooperation of human resources.

20.Assist management in interviewing potential candidates for loss prevention positions.

21.Assist management with law enforcement to identify and recover stolen merchandise in hostile environments.

Job Type: Full-time


  • relevant: 1 year (Preferred)


Job Overview
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