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Rock County, WI

Position Summary and Job Duties

This is a second position from 2:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Under the general direction of the YSC Supervisor the Youth Specialists are assigned to the Youth Services Center (YSC) formerly called the Juvenile Detention Center. The YSC operates on a 24-hour, 7-days per week basis. Youth Specialists work in a secure facility with male and female offenders under 18 years of age. Youth Specialists interact directly with juveniles with the focus on managing behavior by the least restrictive means, utilizing coaching and conflict resolution skills to promote pro-social behavior. The juvenile population includes those who may be violent, have mental health issues or may exhibit challenging behaviors. Youth Specialists are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, secure environment for juveniles and staff and ensuring that their care and programming needs are met.

Provides Direct Supervision of Youth at the YSC

  • Facilitates and follows the YSC Behavioral Modification Program
  • Facilitates and participates in programming to the youth
  • Follows the daily schedule of activities for youth
  • Performs security, discipline and suicide checks according to YSC policies
  • Supervises youth directly, while providing healthy interaction through role modeling
  • Supervises youth while on off-campus activities
  • Respond and show the appropriate response in medical or crisis emergencies
  • Works with specialty (A.C.T.I.O.N.S. or Shelter Care) or special needs youth

Prepares and completes all necessary Documentation

  • Document and complete clear and specific daily progress notes and point sheets
  • Complete clear and specific incident reports
  • Document all security, discipline and suicide checks per YSC policies
  • Complete clear and accurate daily rosters and meal logs
  • Complete clear and specific overtime, benefit and leave slips

Participates in all required Training

  • Attend work related and mandatory training per year as directed
  • Attend mandatory staff meetings
  • Review and sign off on policies and procedures as directed
  • Maintain Wisconsin Juvenile Detention Officer Certification yearly

Performs other duties as assigned

Success Factors (KSA’s)

  • Knowledge of DOC 346 and DCF 59 Policies
  • Knowledge of the Rock County Personnel Ordinance
  • Knowledge of other Human Services Divisions who utilize YSC and their duties/resources
  • Knowledge of Agencies outside the Human Services Department and their duties/resources
  • Experience working with youth ages 10-17
  • Ability to facilitate team meetings and shift change briefings
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Ability to perform and make decisions in crisis situations

Job Requirements, Education, Training & Experience

  • Minimum qualifications: High School diploma and at least one year demonstrated experience working or volunteering with at-risk youth.
  • Demonstrated/related work experience must be detailed in the job application. Examples of work with at-risk youth may include, but is not limited to:
    • Probation or Community Corrections
    • Mentoring programs
    • Coaching or teaching
    • Recreation or after school programs
    • Any programs where the mission is for progressive transformation and focus is on youth with behavior problems.
  • Must possess a valid State Driver’s license by time of employment.
  • Most competitive qualifications: An Associate’s degree and two years demonstrated experience working or volunteering with at-risk youth, or Bachelors’ degree in; Criminal Justice, Law and Justice or related area of study, or Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, or related social science area of study and one (1) year of full time experience working with at-risk youth or juveniles in a correctional or security oriented environment.
  • Must be certified as a Juvenile Detention Officer with the State of Wisconsin within one year of hire.

**Successful incumbents will be contacted by Human Resources to advance to the background investigation process. The background investigation process is a thorough and extensive process which includes, but is not limited to: completion of finger-prints, extensive background investigation questionnaire to include personal reference check, employment references check, criminal background check, interview and physical examination (pre-employment physical).

Essential Job Functions (physical elements, equipment and working conditions)

Physical Elements:

  • Ability to walk up one flight of stairs
  • Ability to lift and carry at least 20 pounds for at least 15 feet.
  • Ability to squat to inspect cells under bunks, tables, etc.
  • Ability to carry mattresses and bags of laundry
  • Ability to push the food cart with trays of food
  • Ability to push the mop bucket, move chairs and tables as needed
  • Ability to lift, push/pull objects weighing up to 165 pounds

**In an emergency situation, Youth Specialists must be able to physically restrain youth using the Principles of Subject Control (POSC); break up physical altercations between and with youth; provide suicide intervention and first aid as necessary; and lead evacuation and rescue efforts should there be an emergency situation in the building such as a power outage, fire, tornado, or other environmental issue.

Use of Equipment:

  • Ability to use a computer and computer keyboard
  • Ability to use Portable Radio

Working Conditions:

  • Almost all indoor work in a secure youth center, with the ability to go on off-campus activities
  • A valid driver’s license
  • CPR/AED certification

**Possible exposure to blood and/or body fluids.


Job Overview
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