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WDS Employment Specialist Michigan City (Full Time 40 hrs) - Michigan City, IN **WDS Employment Specialist Michigan City (Full Time 40 hrs)** + 13-Mar-2019 to 12-May-2019 (EST) + Michigan City, IN, USA + Salary + Full Time _Store Discount, Vacation, Holidays, Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement & Retirement Savings Options_ JOB OBJECTIVE The incumbent's primary duty is to provide placement services for clients and customer service for business and industries that utilize the placement services of Workforce Development Services. Placement and follow along services are the primary function of Workforce Development Services. Therefore, the position is pivotal to the general business operations of the Workforce Development Services Department and the fulfillment of the organization's overall mission. Because of the necessity of using discretion and independent judgment when representing the client, employer and Goodwill and mobility of the job, limited supervision is available. The position reports directly to the Director of Workforce Development Services who reviews the incumbent's performance annually. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS 1. Review and asses all background information concerning strengths, abilities, and vocational preferences as well as needs, limitations and barriers. 1. Develop an individual program plan, as appropriate, based upon the input from the person served and other appropriate personnel, and prior assessment and referral information concerning vocational preferences, education, strengths, abilities and needs. 1. Teach and/or enhance job seeking methods and techniques, following funding stream guidelines. 1. Ensure that each client has a functioning resume which is reflective of the vocational goals and is written in a manner that is presentable to potential employers. 1. Ascertain the needs of the clients and provide referrals to community agencies that can best-fit those needs. Ensure that communication occurs with the Case Manager so that proper documentation is placed in the case management system and the file reflecting the referrals. 1. Assist with employer contacts by telephone, in person and/or over the internet. 1. Actively participate in the development of community-based evaluations, job trials and/or community work experience opportunities by making employer contacts and establishing an employer network. 1. Monitor, evaluate and provide follow-along services to clients and businesses/industries where clients are employed for the duration of the follow-along period as dictated by the funding stream and the needs of the clients. 1. Maintain detailed accurate records and write reports according to funding stream guidelines using the case management system. 1. Engage in constructive and open communications, including advisement and consultation, with case managers from funding streams, Goodwill case managers, job coaches, retention specialists, supervisors and other appropriate individuals. 1. Be aware of and develop relationships with outside services and make appropriate referrals based on identified needs in the individual program plan or client needs as they arise. 1. Travel to accommodate clients as appropriate. 1. Work effectively with the Business Advisory Counsel, where appropriate, concerning general job development and individual job placement for persons served as a means of creating additional opportunities for job seekers. 1. Work effectively with other staff, both within and outside of the department. Share job leads and contact names outside of department. Assist other Goodwill departments with job placement and/or retention services as needed. 1. Educate and perform marketing and public relation functions for employers concerning services and advantage of utilizing Goodwill clients and services. 1. Act as a liaison and labor consultant between client and employer, including research and consultation concerning legal and regulatory compliance. 1. Serve as a representative of Goodwill Industries in agency involvement with community business groups with supervisor approval. 1. As appropriate for funding streams, provide billing to Case Managers to ensure that all billings are accurate and in compliance with funding streams. SPECIFICATIONS 1. Bachelor's degree preferred in Social Services or related field. A minimum of 1 year of college and related work experience is required. 1. Ability to pass a drug screen and criminal background check. 1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 1. Ability to work with minimal supervision. 1. Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and meet stringent deadlines. 1. Demonstrated ability to motivate others. 1. Ability to relate to, understand and be creative in meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities and disadvantaged conditions, coming from various economic levels, nationalities, cultures, etc. 1. Ability to relate to and understand referral agencies and employers. 1. Ability to use discretion and sound judgment when working independent of supervision with clients and employers and interpret and implement general placement policies. 1. The ability to make sound judgments and deviate from established policies and procedures when appropriate depending on client and/or business need. 1. Ability to adjust to a flexible schedule based upon a 40 hour work week, organize tasks effectively and prioritize job duties with placement of clients taking priority. 1. Ability to mediate, negotiate and resolve client and employer grievances. When grievances are not able to be settled, be able to guide client and/or employer through established grievance procedure. 1. Ability to communicate orally and hear clearly. 1. Must possess a current driver's license. 1. Must possess current automobile insurance that provides adequate coverage for the vehicle used to. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS 1. Office environment. 1. Job site conditions will vary depending on where a specific client is placed. EQUIPMENT USED 1. Computer/internet/email 1. Telephone 1. Photocopier 1. Video Cameras 1. Fax Machine 1. Automobile 1. Equipment used at employer's site **Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc** https://MichianaGoodwill.applicantpro.com + **Share This Page**

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