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  1. Security-Average Cost of Cyberattack Now Exceeds $1 Million
  2. Security-Odds of Dying from Opioid Overdose are Greater Than an Auto Crash
  3. Security-HHS Releases Cybersecurity Practices Guidance
  4. Security-Helps Manage Remote Security Staff
  5. Security-Enables Virtual Coordination of Response
  6. Security-Uses Automation to Streamline Guard Tours
  7. Security-Analyzes Incidents to Improve Efficiency and Compliance
  8. Security-Provides Bullet-Resistant Security
  9. Security-Made to Order for Guard Security
  10. Security-Product Spotlight on Guarding Tools and Equipment
  11. Security-Big Surveillance in the Big Easy
  12. Security-Kentucky May Have Marshals in Schools
  13. Security-Americans Think the US is Prepared for a Cyberattack
  14. Security-(ISC)² Opens Call for Expert Cybersecurity Speakers for 2019 Security Congress
  15. Security-New York is Top Business Travel Destination
  16. Security-Few Americans Want Strict Limits on Facial Recognition Technology
  17. Security-Kentucky May Have Marshals in Schools
  18. Security-Critical Communications
  19. Security-Study Says Manufacturers Struggle with IoT and Finding Skilled Cybersecurity Staff
  20. Security-It Takes a Village: Continuous Communication for Higher Education
  21. Security-Executives Most Concerned about Digital Readiness, Talent Management in 2019
  22. Security-New Legislation Proposed to Combat Technology Threats From China
  23. Security-60 Percent of Organizations Experienced Container Security Incidents in 2018
  24. Security-How to Avoid Intelligence Program Pitfalls
  25. Security-Cybersecurity Education Goes Broad
  26. Security-Partner Alliance for Safer Schools Releases New Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools
  27. Security-Social Media Exposure Can Exacerbate the Negative Impact of a Data Breach
  28. Security-True Data Privacy Cannot Exist Without Addressing the Insider Threat
  29. Security-Prove Cybersecurity’s Value to Build a Culture of Cybersecurity
  30. Security-Airline Industry Braces for Breach Impact
  31. Security-Ohio Implements Data Protection Act
  32. Security-Chinese Schools Use Uniforms to Track Students
  33. Security-Which Cities Have the Fastest Police Response Time?
  34. Security-Confusion Over Ownership Stands in the Way of Business Resilience
  35. Security-Rate of Traffic-Related Deaths Continues to Increase
  36. Security-Chart Your Security Career's Course in 2019
  37. Security-How Would You Define Security’s Role?
  38. Security-Unhappy New Year?
  39. Security-Best in Class: GSOCs and Global Risk Management
  40. Security-Workforce Drug Positivity Rises by Double-Digits in Almost One-Third of U.S. Industry Sectors Examined
  41. Security-Threats to Look Out for in 2019 – How to Protect Mid-Tier Enterprises from Tomorrow’s Known and Unknown Cyberattacks
  42. Security-How Security Technology Improves Business Operations
  43. Security-How to Secure the Entry in a Cyber-Physical World
  44. Security-(ISC)2 Announces Keynote Speakers for Secure Summit DC 2019
  45. Security-Drones Disrupt Holiday Travel at London's Gatwick Airport
  46. Security-Report Predicts Virtual Kidnapping Evolution in 2019
  47. Security-New Aloft Dubai Hotel Implements Advanced Surveillance System for Guest Protection
  48. Security-Philadelphia University's Cybersecurity Program Receives "Top Curriculum" in the US
  49. Security-DOE Releases Report on School Safety and Security
  50. Security-Five Emerging Business Continuity Challenges For 2019

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