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  1. Security-CA Lawmakers Reject Panic Buttons for Hotel Workers
  2. Security-LA to Deploy Body Scanners on Buses
  3. Security-GBTA Forecasts Seven Percent Growth in Global Business Travel Spend
  4. Security-LA Metro System Invests in Passive Screening Devices
  5. Security-Hackers Steal $13.5 Million from Indian Bank in ATM Scheme
  6. Security-How to Promote Continuous Improvement in Threat Assessment Programs
  7. Security-Fewer Organizations Referring Fraud to Law Enforcement
  8. Security-How to Use Technology to Improve Duty of Care Obligations
  9. Security-3 Simple Steps to Address Patient Violence in Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
  10. Security-Sustainable Security Technology: Looking Beyond Energy Efficiency to Environmental and Human Health Impacts
  11. Security-Study Examines Why Security Professionals are Turning 'Gray Hat'
  12. Security-Uber Names Matt Olsen as CSO
  13. Security-PG&E Appoints Jon Franke to Role as Vice President of Safety and Health
  14. Security-BART to Increase Surveillance, Add Emergency Call Boxes
  15. Security-Integrates Emergency Management, Threat Intelligence & More
  16. Security-Aggregates Content into a Common Operational Picture
  17. Security-Automatically Updates Camera Firmware
  18. Security-Facilitates Real-Time Facility Monitoring from Mobile Devices
  19. Security-Guards Sensitive Devices Against Weather, Tampering
  20. Security-Can Automatically Trigger Mass Notification Alerts through Analytics
  21. Security-Provides Fast, Feature-Rich Biometric Access Control
  22. Security-Enhances Overall System Resilience
  23. Security-Uses RFID to Recognize and Track Tagged Assets
  24. Security-Simplifies and Standardizes Access Control Installations Across the Enterprise
  25. Security-Aids in Incident Management and Decision-Making
  26. Security-Five Steps to Developing a Healthcare Information Technology Security Plan
  27. Security-Adds Mass Notification to Mobile Access Platform
  28. Security-Enables Organizations to Dynamically Locate and Communicate in Emergencies
  29. Security-Features Watchdog Circuit to Monitor Operation
  30. Security-Enables Rapid Replacement Modules and Surge Protection
  31. Security-Encrypts Wireless Handheld Access Control Readers
  32. Security-Converts Swing Doors to Enable Piggybacking Prevention
  33. Security-Provides All-in-One Wide-Area Video Surveillance
  34. Security-Adds ‘Post-Factory’ Customization Options for Adaptability
  35. Security-Reduces Costs and Saves Enclosure Space
  36. Security-Enables Easier Management of Scalable Security Systems
  37. Security-Combines Digital Signage and Theft Deterrence
  38. Security-Detects Mass Casualty Weapons
  39. Security-Simplifies Audio Management
  40. Security-Reduces Human Error in Door Management
  41. Security-Spotlight on New Security Technology at GSX 2018
  42. Security-Provides Single Operational Window for Alarm, Video and Event Management
  43. Security-Offers Multi-Directional Surveillance with Built-In Analytics
  44. Security-Case Study: Schools and Police Combine Security Efforts with VMS Solution
  45. Security-Rebuilding and Refocusing After Workplace Violence Occurs
  46. Security-One in Four Alabama Public Schools Don’t Have Security Officers
  47. Security-Hawaii’s Largest Outdoor Arena Gets Stricter Security Rules
  48. Security-Security Industry Association to Present Award Highlighting Advancement of Women in Security
  49. Security-A Nucleus of Information-Sharing: Mastercard’s Fusion Center
  50. Security-Bob Kolasky to Head New DHS National Risk Management Center

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