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  1. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life,
  2. Back Home
  3. USMC Rules for Gunfighting
  4. SEAL poser in Australia
  5. Happy Birthday Marines
  6. Veterans Day
  7. Memorial Day
  8. Where are all my Jarheads at?
  9. Locked, Loaded and Safety Off-Always
  10. northern marine
  11. God Bless The United States Military
  12. World War 2 Trivia
  13. Marine Corps ball invite
  14. The Walking Dead
  15. Army Boot Camp going soft
  17. Wish comes true for cancer-stricken 10-year-old
  18. MONTGOMERY James Alwyn
  19. Our Duties done
  20. This is why our Military is the BEST! Amazing Story
  21. PowerPoint and the price of honesty
  22. So how's that Homo's in the Militery working out?
  23. SSG Sal Giunta
  24. Soldiers Blow-Up an EFP Bomb
  25. French Foreign Legion?
  26. Vietnam Veteran Trike
  27. Info about the FFL?
  28. Two more Marines die today
  29. HBO Series: The Pacific
  30. Question to USMC.
  31. Marines In Afghanistan
  32. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  33. Peace Time soldier
  34. Two SOF Soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  35. SEAL trials to be moved to Iraq
  36. Africa?
  37. Another WWII Vet passes on.
  38. Message for Vets: you can now access your DD-214 on-line
  39. Fighters in uniform use infantry tactics on FOB Baylough
  40. Secret Clearance question for SF/SEAL/Recon
  41. New programe for foreigners joining US military?
  42. Contracting not worth it?
  43. Force Company part of Recon Battalion?! WTF!!
  44. Never Forget our D-Day and WWII Heroes
  45. First Iraq Medal of Honor Recipient Honored at Arlington
  46. Robert Gates
  47. Another Hero-OEF
  48. Funny thing happening in Swizerland
  49. LCDR BOEHM passing
  50. 10 Silver Stars

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