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  1. “Frenchie the Felon" Blanchard Robbed a Convenience Store
  2. Seeking partnerships to evaluate & market innovative ballistic protection gear
  3. Intelligence Software Feedback
  4. Hurricane Security Detail In the US Virgin islands and Puerto Rico
  5. Hey Ops Boss
  6. Anyone else miss the good ol days?
  7. Seaguard security anybody?
  8. Chenega Security Guard: Japan
  9. List of Contractor Casualties
  10. Do Not Hire List?
  11. RFI on Inteli Trac
  12. Hurrricane Season 2015: Disaster Security Jobs
  13. 90 - 30 rotations
  14. Africa
  15. The good news is that Academi is hiring...
  16. My new security company...
  17. Richard "Frenchie the Felon" Blanchard is back---in Kabul
  18. Subcontracting companies
  19. Looking for updated infos/advice (A'stan)
  20. G4S Custom Protective Officer
  21. Anyone in Baghdad?
  22. Any body in Benghazi-Libya ?
  23. Vinnell Arabia
  24. Security position with Arabic language skills.
  25. Chenega Japan
  26. Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Security 2013
  27. RFI U.S. embassy Uganda LGS contract
  28. Corwin Noble has passed on
  29. SOC CSS
  30. sketchy deal
  31. urgent,sahel: boom in arms trafick
  32. urgent,libya: bomb found in italian diplomat car
  33. urgent,terror alert in mauritanian cap nouakchott
  34. urgent,niger,escaped terrorist involved in murder of us citizen
  35. urgent,war on terror in sahel: al qaeda moving from north mali to libya
  36. urgent: terror alert in mauritania
  37. urgent: qatar finance islamist extremists in sahel
  38. Hurricane Security Work 2013 Season
  39. urgent,niger: belmokhtar alive,supervised attacks
  40. urgent,niger: suicide attack on french company uranium site
  41. urgent,libya: gunmen attack oil installation
  42. Anyone in Libya?
  43. urgent: tuareg rebels condemen in algeria,wre smuggling weapons from libya
  44. urgent: terrorist cell dismantled in mauritania,was led by police officer
  45. Israel Site 512
  46. urgent,sahel: al qaeda moving to algerian-tunisian border
  47. Tornado Security Moore, Ok.
  48. Is anyone currently in Kosovo with dyncorp
  49. If I was a little younger.
  50. Sequester and its Impact on Private Security Contractors

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